Friday, February 17, 2012

Day #17 "Time"

Time is elusive 
Time escapes
When we think we've got it under control
It moves on

Time heals
Time mends
We say "give it time" and expect that to be enough
Not always

Time can be a friend
Time can be an enemy
It is what we choose to do with it
Choose wisely

~ K. Marquez


Tena said...

You are so creative and talented. :-) ♥ you

Kim said...

Thank you! Sometimes words flow out of my head...this was one of those moments. Love you! <3

Kim said...

*sigh* can't do the heart!

Ruby said...

Kim; hold your alt key down and press the number 3 (on your number pad, not the numbers above your key board)

♥Ruby '-]

Kim said...

♥ ooh I'm gonna like this! Are there any other little icons I can do? I see little musical notes sometimes. Must be a wingdings thing. Thank you! ♥♥♥♥!

Ruby said...

Yes... hold your alt key and do each number on your number pad... you will discover many more little icons ;) fun, fun.
Just remember to hold the alt key for EACH number. Dont keep it pressed for all your numbers.
Also you can go to high numbers... I have never seen how far high.
lol '-]]

alt14 ♫
alt13 ♪
alt1 ☺
alt15 ☼
alt175 »
alt174 «

---»-<@ ♥U!!