Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Recap!!

Well summer is drawing to a close very quickly. We have had a lot of fun. The boys and I went to the Capitol with the Boldings. The girls stayed with Melissa and had fun playing with her kids. The girls and I went to Fairytale Town. Ashley and I met her Kindermusik class at the zoo, and enjoyed some one on one time. We have gone on a couple picnics and bike rides. Faith and Caleb came over and they all became Indians for a night. I wish I could show the video from that night, but I haven't figured that out yet. But summer isn't completely over, if fact the best part is yet to come!
In preparation for our next adventure, I went yesterday morning and had my oil changed and my tires rotated. While waiting for my tires to be done and I went into a little kids boutique. On the wall were some signs. One of the signs said My prince did come, I call him "Daddy". I thought that was cute. But the best and truest was the one that said "Home is where my mom is". And that is exactly where we are heading...HOME!!!! Now my parents moved from here almost seven years ago, and I never lived where they live now, but no matter, that is my home because my mom is there!! We will be going to Portland first, where my brother and his wife live, and my two adorable nephews. Then after a week we will head to Coos Bay and be there for about two weeks. I will miss this "home" because this is where the rest of my "family" is. But I am going to enjoy every second of being with my family. I will see you all in September!!!