Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Different State, Different Rules! UGH!!

The first day of school is approaching rapidly, though not rapidly enough for me! We left California in July, but school was out the end of May. Washington is a little different, we start school in September here. This makes for a very llllooooonnnngggg summer! Great for kids, not so great for mom's who have exhausted their resources in the entertainment department.
September first, Levi, Myles, and Elle will go back to school! *whoo hoo, jumping up and down*. However, there is a definite glitch in the Washington State School system! (Do you hear me all you school district officials?) Their cut off date for kindergarten is August 31st. This would be fine except my sweet little almost 5 year old, who asked for a backpack to go to school on her FOURTH birthday, won't be 5 until 8 days after school begins! How do you tactfully tell your child, who is obviously ready for school, that she has to wait one more YEAR? So to all you School District Officials, that read my blog, though I am honored that you would take the time to do so, I think your cut off date is RIDICULOUS!!! Do you really want the kids to be half grown by the time they start school? Wow!
Thank you to all my faithful blog readers for letting get on my soap box and get this off my chest! I will get through this, I already have a plan (and no I'm not gonna cheat and change her birth date). But I will tell you, she will not know the difference, she will think this is what every kindergartener does!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dishwashing soap vs. DishWASHER soap: The results

My dutiful husband decided to do the dishes today! Bless his heart! However, the soap he decided to use was Dish Washing Soap not the Dishwasher soap normally intended for dishwashers. Here are some pictures, take my advice, continue to use dishwasher detergent!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Greetings from the Great Northwest!

Since the last time I blogged, many things have happened. I will condense the last few months into a couple paragraphs. To answer the ultimate question of where I am, I am in Wenatchee, Wa. Where in the world is that you ask? Smack in the middle of Washington, two hours from Spokane and two hours from Seattle. (Look on a map if you don't believe me). Next question, Why are you there? The answer is simple: God. Oh, there other little reasons, but it would take a book to explain. Last, How long will you be there? The answer: God knows! Sorry, can't be any simpler than that.
My husband, through much prayer and starvation fasting, informed me on June 25th, that we would be moving to Wenatchee, Wa. the following weekend. So, with the wonderful help of friends and family, we packed our house, four children, and left on July 3rd, to a place my husband had not even been to. He arrived on July 4th, while I took about a week and a half and went to my parents with our kids. He got us settled and began working with my brother during that time, while I spent time with my parents, and quite honestly, tried to process what just happened. I am just beginning to believe I am here! The first couple weeks, I was in a fog. I lived in California my entire life, and I was at the best church in the world for the last almost fourteen years, so to leave was, for lack of a better word, difficult. But if you know anything about God, you know he loves you and will not ever forsake you. So, He, in all his wisdom, gave us a wonderful church here to be a part of and hopefully in turn be an asset to. My children are very happy, they love the church, they love the city, and they love being with family. My husband likes to call us "Rock Church saints at large."
My home will always be Sacramento, specifically The Rock Church, but I know he has a plan for us here, and I am excited to see what God is going to unfold in our lives. I am ready to see souls saved and our church filled! Isn't that what it is all about?
So now you know, where I am, why I'm here, but I really can't tell you how long. At least long enough to make a difference in this city I hope!