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Rhoads School Field Trip

Today I was fortunate enough to join Myles aka Roscoe, on a field trip to the Rhoads School in Elk Grove. This school was founded in 1872 and when they went today it was as if it were March 15, 1893. All the children had names of former students, they had a real docent, and they had to dress and act the part. Right down to their lunch! For today, Myles became Roscoe and his friend Brandon was Virgil. Here are a few pictures of their day, notice the first picture of the day shows how happy he was to wear knickers! This was the one and only time "Roscoe" let his suspenders show. He kept his wool jacket zipped up the entire time, even though the temperature hit about 70! I wasn't able to be there the first half of school, but I got there at lunch and it was so cute to see the kids eating out of their baskets and tin pails. After lunch they had play time with stilts, marbles, jump rope, and hoops and sticks. They worked on penmanship with real quill pens, they read out of an

Headband Giveaway!!!

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