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I know you can, because "He Can."

There is a simple saying I found a few years back when I was still out in the working world. (Not that I don't work now, but I stay at home and believe me, there is plenty to do.) But this little quote says "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars." Always aim higher, take the higher road in life, try to do something out of reach, because even if you don't quite make that goal, you are still higher than you were before. I believe we are all capable of doing anything, and with God all things are possible (Mk 10:27). So today, when you feel like you can't, try anyway, here are some things you might say, and where you can find God's response. Not all of these have to do with trying, but no matter what you are feeling or what your current situation is, I know you can make it through with God's help. You say: 'It's impossible' God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27) You say: 'I'm too tired' God say

Happy Birthday Levi and Myles!!!!

Let brotherly love continue. Heb. 13:1 Nine years ago today, we were blessed with a bouncing, baby boy. Levi Joel Marquez was born early in the morning on June 25th, 1999. What a joy it was! Then exactly two years later, Myles Jonathan Marquez came and joined his big brother on June 25th, 2001. I remember Levi coming with Javawn to the hospital that afternoon, when he got to the room he was so excited to see his little brother, and said "Myles is my birthday present." Today we celebrate you, Levi and you, Myles! What a blessing you have been to us! You are adorable and precious. Ok, enough sissy words, You are AWESOME!!! We love you so much and are looking forward to this year(and many to come). You are both growing so quickly, but most importantly, you are both growing in your relationship with Jesus. Keep him first, and everything else will go into place as it should! With all our love, Daddy, Mommy, Elle, and Ashley Jean

Do you remember? (In addition to my last post)

Just out of curiosity, who remembers the day/night they got the Holy Ghost? I was, as I mentioned before, six years old. I don't remember the exact date, though I think it was sometime in May. My great-grandma, Oma Ellis, was preaching a sectional Ladies Day at our church. At altar call I went up with my mom and before I knew it, I was crying and speaking in tongues. I remember the feeling, the people(including my mom) who prayed with me, and how my great-grandma came down from the platform and prayed for me too. So tell me, what do you remember?

The Sequel!!! Acts continued......

We had another fabulous service at the Rock church tonight. There is never a dull service, and tonight was no exception. Worship service was great, then we were blessed by the band Niemann Ave. Might I say, they were fantastic! I am not being biased either, even though the awesome drummer in the band also happens to be my cousin! (Musical talent flows in our family like water) Nate French did an incredible song about Calvary from Pilate's point of view, then the band did a song they wrote called "Mysterious Maker." They did a wonderful job, and I felt the anointing in their song. It makes a difference, regardless of music styles, when you sing or play in the Holy Ghost. With that in mind, we now go into the preaching. Pastor Young(who also happens to be one my favorite preachers, along with Bishop) preached about the Holy Ghost. Now this wasn't your typical "You need the Holy Ghost" message. This was "Do you realized who is dwelling in your heart and li

Monkey see, Monkey do....

Monkey was a handful at the eye doctor too! And by monkey, I mean Ashley Jean! I decided to make eye appointments for all 4 of my kids, on the same day. Thinking that if they saw each other getting their eyes examined, it would be easier for them. Well so much for doing my own thinking! First I must say, that I am a stickler about such things as the doctor visits, (i.e. well baby visits, annual shots etc)and the check-ups at the dentist every 6 months. But I forgot all about how important eye health is. Being nearsighted myself since I was 15, you would think I would be on top of this. So anyhow, thankfully I didn't wait too long, they are all healthy. But the routine appointment turned into a comedy act with a solo comedian! Levi, Myles, and Elle did very well with their exam, they were very polite and did exactly as they were told. Well then we got to Ashley. Keep in mind Ashley is only 2 but talks very well, so they begin her test with some letters(sorry folks, but I haven't

Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails...

That is what little boys like to collect! We now are the proud owners of a pure white dove, courtesy of Levi and Myles and my ruggedly handsome, yet sensitive husband Ron.( Umm, where did that come from, this is what I get for leaving my blog post up for a minute and walking away from it). Last week, it was a baby cottontail rabbit. The same day the rabbit was discovered, they also tried to house an enormous bull frog(toad). Then before that it was a pigeon. My kids seem to think we are animal rescue clinic. Myles caught the pigeon and it was hurt, he nursed it back to health and set it free. My nephew, Terraine, caught the frog. The next morning it was MIA, and the only one that was near it at the time was Ashley, she must have felt sorry for the poor creature and set him free. The rabbit wasn't so fortunate :(. Being a wild rabbit it wasn't used to being held, and with so many children wanting to hold the little critter, I think it might have had heart failure or something. T

Happy Father's Day!

To my dear sweet husband, Happy Father's Day! You are an incredible daddy and husband, and I love you! I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, for that I am thankful to you. You work hard for your family and we appreciate you. Levi, Myles, Elle, and Ashley Jean, say "I love you and Happy Father's Day Daddy!" Also a great big Happy Father's Day to my Grandpa Norm! You are precious to me and my family and we love you very much. Hope your day is blessed! To my little brother Jeremy, I love to see you with your boys. You are such a wonderful daddy to them. I can't wait for you and Dani to have more kids!!!! There was a time in my life when Father's Day didn't hold a special meaning to me. From the age of five until fourteen, I was among the many fatherless children. Not that it mattered too much when I was young, but as I got older, I realized how important a father could be. The Father/Daughter dates, someone who could explain boys

School's out! Summer's here!!!

Ok, now on to the rest of my life! School's out, summer's here, time to relax. Yeah right! That is how it used to be. I remember when I was a kid( a long time ago), the day school got out until the day school started in September, it meant freedom. Freedom from schoolwork, from getting up early, going to bed early, from any rigorous schedule we had. Now it seems as if there is no break and no summer vacation. Every kids school schedule is different, year around, traditional, traditional with summer school, where is the break??? Well, we aren't going to follow the rigorous schedule all summer long, we are gonna have fun and sleep in if we want, or stay up late, or play outside all day, whatever we do, we are going to have a summer vacation. So now that I've said that, does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions to make it a fun summer? I have a few ideas rolling around in this brain of mine, but I can use some more! My kids are pretty simple, they like to play outsid

The Wonderful World of Bible Quizzing

We, The Rock Church, were honored to host the Southwestern Summer Invitational for this year. In this tournament, we had four teams, all of which came from our church. The break down was: Sac 1: Delaney and Darilyn Reighard, Sac 2: Karlee Horton, Katrina Ezell, and Levi Marquez(my son of course) Sac 3: Josh Gideons, Riley Madsen, and Oriana Pelton, Sac 4: Isabelle Noriega, Cali Madsen, Rainy Madsen, Kayla Horton, and Myles Marquez(my other son). Ironically, that is exactly what order of place they took as well. It was a very good tournament, and Levi's team went undefeated until the very last game. This is the beginner division which includes ages 5 to 8. These little guys(and gals) will know 184 verses by the next tournament which is in July. Most adults don't know that many verses!!! Not only do they know them, but you can ask them one word in a verse and they can locate it and quote it! Throughout this year, they are learning some very important principles, for example, the