Thursday, October 4, 2012

I So Sew...Sort of...

I sew...not well yet, but I'll get there. I decided to make the girls skirts this summer while I was at my mom's. My mom is an incredible seamstress so it was a perfect opportunity to learn from the best. Well, little did I know the first pattern I chose was fairly difficult for a beginner, yeah, I tend to jump in with both feet. I will admit, it made me very frustrated. I DO NOT LIKE HEMS!!! Phew! I feel better letting that out. Especially hems on a circular panel. I finally got through that skirt and decided that Elle was gonna get a completely different style. I actually created my own pattern for hers out of a couple patterns. Now that was fun! My mom had to finish off the ruffle for me because it needed to be serged. I don't know how to use a serger at this point but trust me, I am going to learn! Here are the results of my efforts:
First skirt...finally put together but not hemmed yet

Making the flowers for the headbands (initially they were going on shirts but they are on headbands now)

The flowers

Good morning, Princess! This is the completed skirt. We were still at my mom's at this point

Elle's skirt, Elle hiding behind her skirt

Nope, she ain't coming out...