Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Jacob Michael!!

I haven't been real good about my blog lately but this is a celebration worth mentioning. Five years ago tomorrow (Jan. 25th), my little nephew, Jacob was born. With so many babies being born every day, why is this one so special? He is simply a miracle. At birth he weighed 1lb 12oz, and he was 14.7 in long, he was born just before 28 weeks gestation. It was a minute by minute situation, and God was with him every step of the way. I saw pictures first, and cried. Then I saw him in person and nearly cried again. I couldn't believe that something so small and frail could be alive. His little fingers could wrap around your entire pinky finger. His skin was transparent and you could see every little bone in his body. He had tubes in his mouth and nose. It was amazing! There was a beanie baby bear in his crib that was as big as he was. I still cry when I look at the pictures, God is so awesome. Jacob is alive and healthy today because God has a purpose and a plan for his life.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Train up a child"

This is not just a cliche, it is scripture. And it may very well be one of the most used scriptures. On Tuesday night, my boys participated in their very first communion and foot washing service. Some may think they are too young and don't understand the symbolism, and that may be true, but being that they both have the Holy Ghost and have been baptized, I thought it was time for them to take part. I explained to them what would happen and the reasoning behind it. I also asked them to examine their hearts to make sure they were heaven ready. They both seemed to understand and they both expressed desire to follow through. It was all going well until Ashley realized they had something in their hand that she didn't. She asked me what it was, and I told her. Here is how the conversation went..
Ashley: "I want grape juice too!"
Me: "Well, honey you are still too young."
Ashley: "Why I too young?"
Me: "It's for after you get the Holy Ghost and get baptized"
Ashley: "I not big yet?"
Me: "No, not quite yet."
At this point Ashley is in deep thought, another child by us happens to reach for Ashley and she tells me, "I don't want her to bug me, I listening to the preacher!" she is thinking about this whole growing up thing, ok we'll see how long this lasts.
A minute later I look down and Ashley has her hands on her face and she is saying "Oh Jesus, for the Holy Ghost." I look away, I don't want my smile to discourage her.
I feel a little tap on my leg, so I look down at her and she says "Take me to the baptize now!"
She was determined to take communion!!!
Disappointed that mommy didn't let her take communion, she tried for the foot washing. As we were exiting the sanctuary, she asked "Can I get my feet cleaned?"
How could I resist? I let her get her feet cleaned! She ended up convincing three different people to do it too!