Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Graduation and a HUGE Surprise

You know, I think it's ironic how people can keep secrets from me. I am talking about BIG secrets, for MONTHS! Everyone knew BUT me, that my dear friend, Javawn and her family were planning to show up for my graduation. Long story short, I was VERY surprised and I cried (with joy, of course). It had, at that point been almost two years since we've seen each other. Here are some pictures from that memorable day!

Beautiful Girls

Handsome Boys

Myles being interviewed, they asked him who he was here for...

Then I had to join...

And of course Ronnie was not gonna be left out of the lime light!

Waiting for the ceremony to start

Still waiting...

Forever Friends

Not real sure what's happening in this picture...

More of the handsome boys
Friends forever, well, they call themselves cousins...so that must be what they are!
Yep, I am down there amongst nearly 1000 graduates. Thankfully I was in the third row and sneaked out after walking.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Myles' Graduation

See previous post for explanation. We are going backwards a little, sorry :)

Getting seated, little nervous
So proud of this young man
Mrs. Moore (awesomest teacher ever!) and Myles J
Myles and his friend Cameron
Myles and his friend Spencer
And just because she's so cute, here is my baby girl with Maddie (who is her and Elle's friend)

School's Out...for now!

Over the last two weeks, so much has happened that it would probably take a novel to tell all. My kids are out of school for the summer. Levi is moving to the 8th grade, Myles to the 6th grade (middle school here), Elle is moving to 5th grade and Ashley to 1st grade. Ashley had a sweet kindergarten promotion, which I missed because I was on a field trip with Levi and the whole 7th grade. It was a last minute situation but I have the cd of pictures from her whole year in kindergarten. Then Myles had his 5th grade graduation ceremony and I have pictures to post. And then, on Friday night, June 15th, 19 years post high school graduation, I finally completed my coursework for my Associate's Degree. Yes, I am proud. Yes, it was difficult at times. Yes, I cried. But I am so happy I did it. And I could not have done it without the support of my family and friends. Over the next couple days I will post some pictures from that last week. I'll start with Myles' graduation. Enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Toothless Smile is a Beautiful Smile!

Only two of my children lost their two front, top teeth at the same time (or within a few days of the other). Levi and Ashley. I adore a toothless smile! Oh wait, let me clarify, I love a toothless smile on a child within the time frame that it should naturally occur. On a person other than a child, well it doesn't quite have the same "cuteness" effect.
A couple weeks ago, yes, I am that behind, Ashley lost her two front, top teeth. It was quite the ordeal with the entire family getting involved. Finally, she narrowed it down to daddy. They successfully pulled out the first tooth. This was a Saturday. The following Saturday, I told her that she needed to pull the other tooth out as it was hanging. That very morning a cheerio got stuck on it! Good Grief! Let it go already, honey! So we decided since her and daddy were successful the first time, they should be the second time as well. Besides, everyone else was tired of the drama that ensued! Here are a couple pictures to memorialize the last of the Mohicans loosing their front teeth...seriously, this was like a rite of passage!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

George Washington Makes an Appearance!

So a couple weeks ago, the 5th graders at Edy Ridge Elementary, which happens to be the school my younger three attend, hosted an, "Afternoon of Achievers." The students prepared by studying a particular historical figure and then they dressed up like them. They pretended for over an hour, to be that person by answering questions as if they were them. Myles chose George Washington. I was very impressed! He told me things about our first president that I had no clue. Here are a couple pictures from that super fun day:
Nice wig, George! (Wig was created by my mom)

What a cute George! And next to Myles is his friend James who is supposed to be Jackie Robinson, yeah, I know, wrong jersey, he said he couldn't find a Dodgers (mainly because it was Brooklyn Dodgers, then).