Friday, June 15, 2012

A Toothless Smile is a Beautiful Smile!

Only two of my children lost their two front, top teeth at the same time (or within a few days of the other). Levi and Ashley. I adore a toothless smile! Oh wait, let me clarify, I love a toothless smile on a child within the time frame that it should naturally occur. On a person other than a child, well it doesn't quite have the same "cuteness" effect.
A couple weeks ago, yes, I am that behind, Ashley lost her two front, top teeth. It was quite the ordeal with the entire family getting involved. Finally, she narrowed it down to daddy. They successfully pulled out the first tooth. This was a Saturday. The following Saturday, I told her that she needed to pull the other tooth out as it was hanging. That very morning a cheerio got stuck on it! Good Grief! Let it go already, honey! So we decided since her and daddy were successful the first time, they should be the second time as well. Besides, everyone else was tired of the drama that ensued! Here are a couple pictures to memorialize the last of the Mohicans loosing their front teeth...seriously, this was like a rite of passage!

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Tena said...

Precious memories, Kim. :-)