Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Soar like an Eagle!

While reading this morning, this passage stood out to me and I thought I would share.

One of Satan's favorite employees is the "switchman." He likes nothing better than to sidetrack one of God's express trains, sent on some blessed mission and filled with the fire of a holy purpose.
Something will come up in the pathway of an earnest soul, to attract its attention, and occupy its strength and thought. Sometimes it is a little irritation and provocation. Sometimes it is some petty grievance we stop to pursue or adjust.
Very often, and before we are aware of it, we are absorbed in a lot of distracting cares and interests that quite turn us aside from the great purpose of our life.
We may not do much harm, but we have missed our connection. We have gotten off the main line.
Let these things alone. Let distractions come and go, but press forward steadily and irresistibly with your God-given task. The eagle flying in the upper air pays but little or no attention to what is going on in the earth below him. As children of God we are to occupy our rightful place, "in the heavenlies," "far above all" these petty things. God would have us to be "eagle saints." Let us not stoop from our position! An eagle does not catch flies!