Friday, August 17, 2012

Till we meet again...Great Nanny

Yesterday, the family of Maggie D. Burke, affectionately known as Great Nanny, celebrated her life and her much awaited homecoming. This remarkable woman of God was ready to meet her Lord and Savior. In fact, her granddaughter, Javawn (which happens to be my dearest friend) said that she had actually packed her suitcase and tried to "go to heaven". She was ready. As much as we will miss her, heaven is having a party. A saint has come home. It is assuring to know that I will one day meet with her again in that sweet bye-and-bye.
A few years ago, my family had the privilege to go to Great Nanny's house in Idaho. Along with Dalen and Javawn, we loaded our cars and set off for one of the most memorial road trips. My kids still talk about it! It was so wonderful to meet the family, who by the way, accepted us as if we were family. How blessed we are! Here are a couple pictures Javawn sent to me from that road trip:

I'm not sure as to the pictures of us with Great Nanny, whether they were at her house or at her daughter's house, Sis. Judy Sargent. And I am not sure where Ashley is during the picture taking session, she was only about a year or so at this time. I am thinking she was either sleeping or wrecking havoc somewhere.

Great Nanny, you are loved and you are missed! Thank you for your unconditional love, a true Christian lady.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Meantime...

While we are in transition to California, we are staying in Coos Bay, Or. with my parents. If we were going to choose anytime of the year to be here, now would be the time. It is slightly warmer than any other time of the year and with school not in session, we have some free time.
We have went a few places; park, library, fishing (sort of), a little shopping and I am finally learning to sew from the master aka my mom. The project I decided to start with is a bit more than I can chew. Thankfully, I am staying under my mom's watchful eye. When I have this project complete, I'll post pictures. If I posted now, it would not make any sense :).  
In the next few days, we are planning to head to the beach. Personally, I have been waiting for the overcast skies to clear. But I fear if I wait too long, we won't go at all! My parents live only minutes from the beach and at night I can sometimes hear the sound of waves wafting through my window. Glorious! Nothing like the sound of the ocean. I will miss it :(.
So Hello from Coos Bay...