Thursday, July 9, 2009

So this is what I am teaching my kids???

My Uncle Les (Clayton's dad) arrived in town earlier this week. For right now he is staying at my house and my kids are very excited about this. They have all spent time showing off for him and trying to impress him with their new gadgets and tricks. Ashley Jean, not wanting to be left out, began to bring him little treasures from her room to show him. She started with her "God", yes it is a Jesus doll that quotes scripture. At Christmas time she decided that she wanted this doll (it looks like a G.I. Joe in a white robe and sash) and now she calls it "my God". So, from that she started showing him her collection of animals. Then she decided that wasn't enough, she would show him how animals eat. She then gets down on all four and acts like she is eating like an animal, this is a bit of the conversation:
Ashley: "this is how animals eat."
Uncle Les: "oh is that right?"
Ashley: "yep"
Uncle Les: "well do you eat like that?"
Ashley: "oh no, I don't smack!"
But apparently she eats on all four!

Ashley doing a trick on the trampoline :)