Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reunited....well, almost.

These past few days, my beautiful children were absentee. Meaning, they were not with me. They have been down in Coos Bay, Oregon with my parents, and I will add, having the time of their life! Ronnie and I have had a wonderful time too! He took me for Thai food for the very first time and I am in love! Well, with him and the food :). It has been unusually quiet around here but I am ready for my rambunctious, energy-filled children to come home. And I am very ready to go to my parents!
In a few seconds here, I will post a few pictures from their beach escapade. I had to laugh when I saw the pictures because I can tell my girls dressed themselves. For that matter, so did my boys (but those of you with boys know that they can care-less what they wear!). They are still learning what goes together and what doesn't, and quite frankly I think it's great! There are far greater worries in my life than to fret over their clothing (or hairdos). I am not going to stop here and justify anything, you can think what you want (not that you think anything at all), but my kids are happy, well-taken care of, clean and enjoy life to the fullest. There are definitely times (i.e. church) for them to be perfectly dressed and have their hair in ship shape, but the beach is not one of those places. So please enjoy these crazy pictures!
 I must tell you about this pic. Ashley was chosen for star student the day before Christmas break. So she gets to have Ms. Pig the entire Christmas break. This is Ashley and Ms. Pig at the beach.

 It looks like there are trees etched into the sand



Your Favorite Aunt Paula said...

Oh, be still my heart!!! How I ache to be there with the children at the beach! Please revel in the experience for me proxy. Love you all.

Kim said...

Did you experience the feel of the sand on your feet? Did you smell the sea salt air? Could you hear the crashing of the waves against the rocks? If so, then it worked! lol! However, it would have been better had you actually been there! Love you my favorite Aunt Paula!