Friends + Christmas + Cookies = Great Times

Last night we went to Sis. Hads house to hang out and decorate cookies. Now, I need to back up a little to tell you about Sis. Hads. She is a wonderful lady with an enormous heart for people, especially little people. She runs a daycare/preschool business out of her home and it is not just a "job" but a passion. Not only does she run this business, she is extremely gifted in the interior decorating and event decorating department. AND...she's an incredible cook, baker and candle stick maker (well, not sure about the candles, but she probably could be). My kids ask BEG to go to her house, because it is ALWAYS fun! Last night was no exception! My kids play and I get to chat with a great friend, eat her yummy food and desserts, and search Pinterest. What more could a girl want? I just took a few pictures of the kids while they were decorating cookies and a couple of her adorable Christmas decor, just one of her several trees! Next year, I'm gonna have more trees, definitely!

Starting out, very excited!

Notice he's still working on the same cookie?
Detail-oriented! love it!

Twinkle Little Star and my little angel!

 Ashley Jean being so meticulous

 Um, the cookies Myles, work on the cookies, this isn't a photo session. 
lol, my crazy boy!

Sis. Hads, Elle, Ashley and I ended up finishing the rest of the cookies. The boys lost interest after they made two and ate one.

My little decorator

Each cookie took her about 10 minutes. Her inner artist came out.

One of the many trees, I love it! 

Oh yeah, candy store! My favorite!

A great, big THANK YOU to Sis. Hads for an awesome, memory-making, fun-filled night!


linda hads said…
Hello, Sis. Hads here! You are too sweet!I always have a blast when your family comes over.Believe me, your kids don't have to beg, they are always welcome! I love you my friend and I'm so thankful for your friendship.:)
Kim said…
Aww, thank you! We all love you and are so appreciative of your friendship! Looking forward to more great times!

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