Thursday, December 8, 2011

I blog, therefore I am...not!

My apologies. It has been a little quiet on the set. Not that I do not have a b-zillion (Ashley's word) things I can blog about since my life seems to live on the spin cycle, but unfortunately I haven't had time to think. When I blog or write a blog rather, it takes time. Not always but most of the time. I don't like to throw words on paper randomly. A long time ago, I learned, like the words we say, the words we write cannot be erased. Especially, once published. For today, I will just highlight a few things that are happening. Once Christmas break begins, I will have a bit more time to focus and hopefully give you a proper post.

On Saturday (10th), Elle will partake in her very first violin recital. This will be in the form of a holiday musical performance involving all string instrument players from Voices of Performing Arts. She is a little nervous as she has only been playing a short time. But her teacher wants her to challenge herself. Thankfully, Elle also played the piano for a time and is familiar with the whole recital/performance arena. I am confident she will do fine. Here is her practicing at home:

Coming up next week, all four of my children will be in our Christmas muscial "It All Happened in the Country". We are very excited yet very nervous. Levi, along with Ivy Mallory, play the main characters. Myles does what he does best and will be performing a rap solo. Elle is one of the readers and Ashley will join three other little girls in the song "Away in a Manger".

Levi is still playing the drums and in fact, he'll again be taking lessons. This time with an emphasis on Jazz. We are very excited about this. He has been playing in church and doing very well. Myles just recently began bass lessons and is, well, let's just say he is doing. Not sure what all he is doing but, he'll get there. ha! Anyone who has children in any type of lesson knows they don't always want to practice. This would be true of Myles. We think he would be happy being a professional kid the rest of his life. He and Ashley are in Tae Kwon Do, as well, and will be moving to yellow belt (I think) next week. Speaking of Ashley, she wants to play the piano so Ronnie has been working with her a little. She'll likely be in lessons soon :).

As for me, well I am almost done with school for the quarter! Yay! My math final is Monday, then I'm done until January. The next two quarters, I'll be full-time again, AND....drum roll looks like I will graduate in the spring!!! Okay, okay, it's only my associates but hey, I did it! I can move on to the bachelor's program and not have to worry about all the prerequisite classes. I am not sure at this point where I will go for my BS, but I am looking. I am really leaning towards George Fox University, if I am accepted. So folks, if you think of me, say a prayer for me :). Thanks!

And pray that I make it through this musical! First time I have ever been in charge of a musical, where is Tishauna, Dawn and Melissa when I need them???


Jasmine Aguilar said...

yes indeed got you a full agenda ! your very blessed Kim, and i want you to know i look up to you . Your a great friend and thankful god used you to save me and my husband . we love your family. We will pray for your kids and there god given talents also your school ! your smart god wouldn't give you something you cant handle .As for Ron he will do good at what he does best by being a smart artistic man

Jasmine Aguilar said...

Kim i want to take this time to say your a great mommy and a great friend. I also would like you to know how much i look up to you ! your smart and will do great in school keep going cause yes you have a busy schedule . question is how do you do it ! god given power would be the answer for that . your kids are talented and god is using them as instruments . Tell Ron big thumbs up for being the man of the house ! I will keep you in my prayers and you family love you guys and very thankful how god used you in our life - jasmine