Happy, 6 days before Christmas, Monday Morning!

Wow! this weekend has been busy! Really, that's an understatement! It's been crazy-busy! I could back up to Friday, which was the kids' last day of school, and give you a run down of that day but I'll just say it was one very fun yet a tad bit stressful day. However, we made it through. Saturday, we spent the majority of the day at the church preparing for the Children's Musical, "It All Happened in the Country". Between dialing in parts, tightening up songs and decorating the church, we finally got out of there around 6 pm. My sweet, sweet parents came up to be a support and of course, see their grandkids perform. So came Sunday! Now, I will pause here to admit that I was a bundle of nerves! I'm not sure if I actually slept the night before or not. You see, as I stated before, this was the very first time I ever directed a musical. I do not know why I was so worried, because the kids blew us away! Seriously, they were incredible! I would love to post pictures but I wasn't able to take any as I was busy directing. But as soon as I get some pictures from others, I will post them. We did record it, and Bro. Murphy is working on the DVD of it. It'll be out soon. I cannot say it enough, OUR KIDS (every child in the musical) MADE ME PROUD!!!! They were AWESOME!!! And they give ALL GLORY to GOD!!!

So now, as I type this, my babies are getting ready to leave to go home with Grammy and Papa (aka the Grinch) for a few days. I am so excited for them and know they are in the best hands. They will have a blast and probably not want to come home. I am going to miss them terribly but I will stay busy to keep myself from going looney!

I am still working on the post about Mary, the mother of Jesus. Should be available tomorrow. Oh by the way, I maintained a 4.0 last quarter, only two more quarters to go! 


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