Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learning to let go...

Yeah, you read it right! I am learning to let go. Let go of household chores, making dinner, kitchen cleanup, etc...and letting my kids pick up slack. This has been a HUGE step for me to take. But yet, I've noticed it has been WONDERFUL for my kids.

So let me back up and explain. In 2008, I decided to go back to school. Taking it one class at a time, I was determined to complete the requirements for my degree. Until this quarter, most of my classes have been online except two physical ed. classes. This quarter, however, I have an algebra and a biology class that I had to take on campus. Major shift in the dynamics of my household! Seeing that the end is near (I will graduate in spring), I felt this transition would be okay for my kids. Fortunately, my husband works from home for the most part. We can do this for a few months, I know we can!

As the week began, I planned meals for each night I would be gone. The first night I made it easy for them and did a roast in the crock pot. Wednesday night, well, that was a different story. They wanted homemade pizza. I set everything out and explained the process to Levi.** Myles was MIA until Levi said it was time to eat**. Elle and Ashley participated in the preparation and clean-up process. They did everything except some dishes in the sink. I am still finding flour here and there, like on my fridge:

Nice, huh?

But you know what? They are so proud of themselves! They proved they could be responsible and that boosted their confidence. Now they want to cook more. Also, they realized the time involved in cooking which resulted in a new found appreciation of me!

Here is a picture Levi sent to me of their pizza:

A little lopsided, but I did taste it and it was good. Levi said they used a little too much flour, you think?

I love the independence I see. I love the confidence. We have a few more skills to work on but I think we are on the right road. So thankful for my kiddos!

**Yes, I know, I've gotta work on Myles, he says he just wants to be a kid when he grows up, *sigh*...that's another post for another day!**

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