Friday, January 6, 2012

The Daily Grind

Okay, so not EVERY day goes as planned. Yesterday happened to be one of those days. The following is a run down:

6:00 am: Wake up, stumble to shower

6:20 am: Out of shower and feeling awake (sort of)

6:30 am: Wake up children (of course they are all so chipper)

6:35 am: Finally pry Ashley out of her bed and into the shower*

7:00 am: All have eaten and heading to brush teeth, comb hair, etc.

7:10 am: Read devotional (While Myles is falling asleep)

7:20 am: Try to start car, doesn't turn over, goes click, click, click

*Forgot to mention I was supposed to be at Levi's school at 7:30 to work in Student Store*

7:22 am: Call neighbor friend to see if she can take kids to school

7:25 am: Try car one more time, Levi notices the interior light was turned on. Thank you, Ronnie! 

7:40 am: Get kids into friend's car and off to school with Elle pouting**

7:45 am: Another neighbor gives my car a jump and it decides to work. Whew! 

8:00 am to 10:30 am: I am home doing random chores

10:40 am: Pick Ashley up from school, head to DMV

11:00 am: Waiting at DMV

11:30 am: Waiting at DMV....oh wow, they called my number!

11:35 am: DMV can't register my car until I have pink slip which is in transit from CA.

12:00 pm: Home and stayed there for the rest of the day!

* Some of you may wonder why Ashley has to shower in the morning. Well, natural curly hair, when slept on, ends up looking like dreadlocks.

** Elle was pouting because she didn't want anyone but me to take her to school. 

In all, I had an awesome day, really!

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