Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation is over :(

My mom, my kids and I just recently took a trip to Arizona to see family and friends. We left Oregon on June 15th, arrived in Reno, Nv. that night only to discover the reservations I made a month and a half prior, were not in their system! But all was well, they had an available room and I actually got it cheaper! We stayed the night, got up very early and drove to Phoenix, Az. I must say here, we were slightly naive when it came to knowing how long it would take to get to Phoenix. We made several stops along the way especially since my two girls seem to have the tiniest bladders in the world universe! Las Vegas was one of the stops, and we decided to go ahead and eat dinner there. We stayed on the outskirts of the town fearing a trek downtown to the strip would evoke a few questions from my kids. Alas, we finally made it to Phoenix about 10 pm (after 16 hours on the road, by the way I have four children). We spent the next six days with family and we had an awesome time. My kids keep asking when we will be going back, I just tell them in the winter!
After leaving Phoenix, and kissing my sweet Grandpa goodbye (hardest part of the trip), we drove to Prescott, Az. Oh I forgot to mention, while in Phoenix, we took a day trip to Yuma, Az. where we have family and my mom used to live. It was so nice to see family and I even got to see one of the churches my great-grandmother, Oma Ellis, pioneered! So back to Prescott, we spent the night there (also another place my great-grandma had a church) and left early the next morning for Winslow, Az. Along the way, we stopped at a place called Montezuma Castle, very cool! We arrived in Winslow around 2 or 3, to see and spend a few days with our dear friends the Boldings. And what a time we had! My kids did not want to leave! It was so nice to be with friends. While we were there we went to the Grand Canyon, the most amazing, breathtaking sight! Pictures do not do it justice! The day we went also happened to be Levi and Myles' 12th and 10th birthday. What an incredible place to spend your birthday, seeing the awesomeness of your Creator!
We left Winslow (and yes I did stand on the corner in Winslow, Az. though you'd only understand if you ever heard the Eagles song "Take it Easy") on Monday morning, headed to Bakersfield to see my totally awesome friend Shandi! We spent the night w/her and her adorable little girl Emilee. My kids adore Shandi because she spoils them, she went the next morning before they were awake and bought them doughnuts! After Bakersfield, we went to Sacramento. First we went to visit family (Aunt Shell, Aunt Paula, Grandma Esther, and cousins) then we went to our home church, The Rock Church. We were so excited to be there with our family and friends. Of course, service was awesome as usual, and preaching was incredible (I could listen to Pastor Young preach all day). Then to top off our trip we spent the next day with Auntie Lou (Aunt Sherry), Stacie, and little time w/ Uncle Les because he was working.(We love and miss our family).The boys went home with Clayton and Sarah, and were spoiled beyond measure! They had so much caffeine surging through their veins, they could hardly stand still! I also squeezed in a visit to my friend, Amy, who I grew up with and have been friends with since second grade. What a great time! We were sad to leave, but ready for our own beds. We arrived home that evening, June 30th, completely wore out but blissfully happy. I believe I even saw little smiles on the faces of my children as they dreamed of their eventful trip.


Ruby said...

How wonderful, Kim!! What wonderful memories you made with your children, they will never forget.
I remember our summer 2010 we took Julian on an adventure he will always remember and yes, it included AZ ;) the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater and much more.
Im sure you were all exhausted and glad to be home. But Oh.. It was soo worth it!!
Thank you for sharing :)

Kim said...

Yes, exhausted, we were! It took almost a week to get back in the saddle so to speak! And yes, the memories will live on...they talk about the things we did and people we met/saw everyday!