Sunday, July 3, 2011

Long live the Blog!!! (Yeah, right!)

Ode to the blog: 

Ode to the blog
Lost and forgotten
Not much is written
Ode to the blog 

Tis time to restore myself to my blog
Are there even any readers? 
Please forgive me for my unfaithfulness
I will try to mend my ways

Well, a lot has changed since my last post! In February, my husband got a job (miracle in itself) and we moved to Portland, Or. I have long loved Portland and never really imagined myself living here but now I am and I love it! I do miss my family and friends back in Sacramento, but now I am even closer, only a day's drive away! I am even closer to my family and friends here in Oregon and above me in Washington! 

We attend the Mallory's church which is located in Newberg (we live in Sherwood, yes it looks like a forest). Levi likes to say it is a mini Rock Church. We love our church family and God is doing a great work. I am just happy to be a part of whatever God is doing!  

 In the days to come, I will strive to keep you updated with pictures and such from our crazy life :)

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