Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Princess La Nae and Fairy Princess Ashley (I think?)

I thought this picture was pretty funny but what happened prior to the picture was even more funny. Ashley got this tutu from Clayton and Sarah for Christmas, as well as the wand. She already had the tiara and wings, so she decided to dress up. So of course, La Nae, wanted to dress up too. She wanted to wear a tutu also, so Ashley showed her the other one we have, she wasn't satisfied. She wanted the one Ashley was wearing. Well Ashley was not easily swayed, even with the bribe of candy. After a few minutes, I heard La Nae starting to get real upset. Ashley  went and got the Cinderella dress and told her, "could you just wear this and be a princess?" I laughed and then I realized La Nae wasn't falling for it. So I told her she was a beautiful princess and I needed a picture of her and Ashley. She finally agreed as long as she could wear the sunglasses! (According to Ashley, princesses don't wear sunglasses, I told her this princess could wear them if she wanted too!) I got my picture, but notice La Nae's expression, got to love her!!!


Melissa said...

Very cute, and funny!!

Danielle Louise Carlson said...

LOL that is the first thing I saw was her expression, and she wants to talk to Ashley's Aunt Dani too even though she has no idea who I am

Stacie said...

Aww. My little Ashley-Jean is getting so tall. It's sad!