Saturday, January 16, 2010

Novice Tournament 2010

Today we had our Novice Tournament, at our church, for bible quizzing. For those you who are not familiar with bible quizzing, the Novice tournament is for the novice quizzers in the junior and beginner division. This is only within our church. We had five teams, each with two quizzers, except one team had three quizzers. They all did a fabulous job, and ultimately our church won! My little Elle~Belle was on Jacob Bolding's team and they took first place!! I am one proud momma! The individual trophies went to Jacob Bolding at first place, Booker Lewis in second place, Elle Marquez in third, Winston Jones in fourth, and Kristina Ezell in fifth. Jacob and Elle's team went undefeated and in one quiz they both quizzed out! Yay!! For Jacob and Elle and all our awesome bible quizzers, this is going to be a terrific year!


Melissa said...

Good Job, Elle!! You and Jacob did a fabulous job. Darilyn was very excited about how well you did, seeing as how you are potential team mates and all lol. And your momma did a great job coaching to make sure you both got the chance to do your best and practice your quizzing etiquette. Can't wait for the first out of town tourney when everyone gets to quiz. It's gonna be FUN!!!!

Danielle Louise Carlson said...

YAY go Elle-Belle, I am with you Kim I am one proud AUNTIE. That is so exciting and I would love to watch them, I wish we lived closer. Congrats Elle that is SO EXCITING.

Stacie said...

Tell Elle I'm very, very proud of her!!!! And she looks adorable in those pictures. :) Love you all!

Janell said...

That is fantastic!!!! (Kim, you look pretty intense in that last pic! lol! Do you get butterflies in your tummy too? I remember when I was a quizzer way back in the day, the moms all got sick when it was our turn to quiz. lol!)
Proud of their hard work, it's a very difficult thing to do!
Go Elle!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Melissa~ Thank you!I am only learning from the best and Elle would be honored to be on the same team as Darilyn.

Aunt Dani~ Thank you! I wish we lived closer too, then maybe I could quiz with Jacob!

Stacie~ Thank you! Love and miss you tons!

Janell~ Thank you! Elle really surprised me because in practice she wouldn't do much, then all of a sudden she was on fire! In that picture, I was trying to hear her. We kept telling them to use the mic but they kept forgetting. But yes, I get pretty nervous, the first year was the worst, this is year #3 and child #3 so I am relaxing a bit. My only problem is I laugh when I get nervous and that isn't always appropriate in quizzing!