Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Here comes the joy!"

This past year has been, well, let's just say interesting. Ok, interesting doesn't really sum it up, but I don't want to unload on you all. We are in revival right now, with Bro. and Sis. Wells (think that is the right spelling) and we've had some incredible services. There is never a dull service at The Rock Church though, but somehow it has been different. The only way I can describe it is to say it feels like the "old" Rock Church. Some may understand that, others will wonder. Tonight was no exception, the presence of God moved in a beautiful way. Towards the end of the service, I sat there thinking, "I don't want to move or leave this atmosphere." Though we've been wounded, as a body we are still united and standing, and God is moving in our midst. While still sitting there, a song came to me that our pastor and a few of the men used to sing, and all I can remember of the words is "It looks like I can feel the breaking of day, oh the joy...", and I can't remember the rest of the words. I think this is a Winans song, but no matter, it is stuck in my head. There is a part in the song that says, "Here comes the joy" and I believe that is what is happening, we are returning to the point where we received our joy and claiming it again. I am looking forward to what God is about to do!
p.s. Does anyone remember this song? If so, what are the rest of the words?


Danielle Louise Carlson said...

I love that song too, it is by the Winans and the name is Breaking Of Day, here is a link

Danielle Louise Carlson said...

Oh I may not be able to see it,
but in my heart I do believe
that Jesus, He knows all my troubles
and soon He's coming to see about me

I can feel it way down in my soul
ever since I let God take control,
for I know it's...

On the Way

Jessica N. said...

Im so thankful to be one of those who understand the "old building spirit". Often I have longed for the good ole days of the old TRC ... the intense, altar packed, crazy loud, shouting services ... when describing a visitor all you did was mention who's area they sat in ... Ah yes, the "old chuch spirit!" This revival has been incredibly powerful but in a deep spiritual way. For me the most fitting word to describe what it has done for me is healing. I'm so very thankful for their ministry, prayers, and preaching! It's time to get strong, move on and create an incredible and awesome "new building spirit"!!!! Can I get an AMEN?

Kim said...

Danielle~ thank you! I thought I was gonna go crazy trying to remember the words.

Jessica~ AMEN!!!

Mary Frances said...

I nominated you with the Kreative blogger award! Go to for details!