Friday, May 9, 2008

Take time to smell the flowers!

This is my sweet Ashley Jean! We were leaving the baseball game(more on that later) and she said "I'm gonna fell the flowers" So I decided it was a perfect photo opportunity. She has a little lisp when she talks and all her "sp's" and "sm's" are "f's". So therefore, I am very fecial! :)
So about the baseball game, well this year both my boys are playing and they are on opposite teams. This makes things a little more complicated when they play each other. Last night for example, was one of those games. The final score was 23 to 4, the red team won. Levi is on red, Myles is on blue. Fortunately, Myles is just out there to have fun and as long as he is with his friends, all is well. Levi, however, is a little more sensitive. But since his team won, he was able to gloat a little. He did hit a home run, and I screamed and jumped up from my chair(isn't that what a mom is supposed to do?). Anyhow, it is so much fun to watch all the little guys, they are all winners in my eyes!


Carly said...

Happy Mothers Day Kim! :) I am glad that I have gotten to know you better in the past few years! You are an excellant mom and I hope you have a wonderful mothers day cause you deserve it!! I love you!:)

Kim said...

you are so sweet Carly, thank you! I cherish our friendship, I love you tons!