Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I know, we are all busy, and that is a lame excuse, but I am finally gonna post again! We have been busy with school, quizzing, weddings, family in town.....all which we enjoy thoroughly! Right kids? Well, we are finally done with school for the year! Whew! Being a homeschooling mommy(and loving it), it is work for me too. It is such a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the school year when your kids are done and you look back and realize, they were really learning! I love home school! We are so blessed to have this option and I pray everyday that we will be able to continue.
We are also trying to get ready for our next quiz tournament which the Rock church is hosting. Levi is my only one quizzing in this tournament, and he will know 151 verses by next week! Myles is doing good, he has memorized about 70 verses, not enough to qualify for this tournament. That is ok though, he is only 6! I have discovered, in working with Levi, that I have a pretty good memory myself. We are working in Galatians and Ephesians, and I know most of the verses!
Then last weekend we had another wedding at our church, I think it is a trend. :) Courtney Ayers and Luke James got married and Elle was a flower girl. She looked so adorable too! The night of the rehearsal, Elle decided she wasn't gonna walk down the aisle. This happened to be five minutes before the rehearsal began. If anyone knows Elle, she is into shock value, she likes to get a reaction out of people. So being the wise mommy, I said "Oh thats really sad, because I don't think there is anyone that could fit your dress." And then I remembered, there was someone, so I said to her, "You know what, (and I named the little girl), could definitely fit your dress so I'll call her mom." She looked at me and "No!" and then she said "anyway, I was only kidding!" I didn't have any problems after that getting her to comply.
So now I think we are caught up to last night. We had another baseball game in which both my boys played. If you remember from before, they are on opposite teams, Myles is blue and Levi is red. They played a really good game, Levi and Myles both playing pitcher. Red ended up winning, but Blue has been improving and you can see it in all the little boys, they are gaining more confidence and they are understanding the game so much better, they have their Coach to thank for that, Thanks Gene! The highlight for my boys though was that Daddy got to be there and Grammy, Auntie Lu, and Stacie, All in one night! Because of Ronnie's work schedule he hasn't been able to be at any of their games, so they were excited about that. All week Levi has been planning on Grammy being able to watch his game, knowing she was going to be in town, I think he thinks she came specifically for that reason.

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Carly said...

LOL that story about Elle is too cute (i can just picture her saying that)!! Glad to hear myles and levi are still in bible quizzing...thats awesome :)