Saturday, December 5, 2009


Thanksgiving as always, was a wonderful time spent with family. I left Sacramento on Tuesday morning, headed to the airport to pick up my Aunt Paula, then we went to the coast. It was a long drive but fun. I had Myles, Elle, and Ashley with me because Levi and Ronnie were already in Coos Bay. They left out the week before and descended upon my family in Portland. So back to us, we went to Mendecino and took a walk down to the water, and around some rocks. It was so beautiful! We stayed there for a bit and then drove up the coast some more and stayed the night in Eureka. Next day we went to a beach there just up from Eureka, where Elle found a whole sand dollar. Then we continued up into Oregon, through the beautiful coastal towns, we made a stop in Bandon to go to Face Rock. That was awesome! The weather was gorgeous and I took some really cool pictures of the sun setting. Then we got to my parents house, had dinner, spent time giving hugs and greeting each other, chatting and then off to bed. Thanksgiving day was mostly relaxing, some cooking, some playing, but mostly eating. That was great!!! Friday the girls went to Florence to an adorable little tea room called "LoveJoys." We had some quiche and a spot of tea :) Yummy!The girls included, my mom(my hero), my Aunt (WAG) Paula (my making memories aunt), my sis-in-law Danielle(who has adorable kids,enjoys thrifting as much as I do, thank you, you're the best
), and my beautiful, precious, angelic little niece Kaleigh-Lou, my sister Sarah (of whom I was so happy to be with, haven't seen in nearly two years), Elle(my fashion diva who has no use for thrifting), Ashley(my princess, high on sugar cubes from LoveJoys), and myself. Of course a vacation would not be complete without hitting at least one thrift store, so that is what we did before heading back to my parents house. Saturday we took a drive back to Bandon and went to the beach again. The boys, Elle, Ronnie, and my dad did a little crabbing. Some of the guys went shooting(oh how fun) and then we all met up at the house for more food and some games. Sunday we dispersed and went our own directions, this is always hard. No one wants to go back to the rum drum of life but we all have to. I was thankful though to be able to spend time with my family.


Stacie said...

Yeah, Stacie (your wonderful, sweet, loving, joy-to-be-around, most favorite cousin) wasn't there. *tear* Maybe next year! Glad you had fun, and thank you for sharing the pictures. Love you all!

Kim said...

Stacie you nailed it! That is exactly what I would have written had you been there this year. We missed your family so much and like I told Clayton, it wasn't the same without you! Love you more!