Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pictures to come soon...

It would take me forever to update you on all that has transpired since my last post. I will post pictures soon, I'm not at the right computer to upload my pictures. In July, I decided we needed a cat. I happened upon a mouse in my garage, and one got into my house awhile back. We live in the country, so that is normal, but mice and I do not coexist! So I began my search and found two little boy kittens(well, they are umm..put it this way, we won't have any extra kittens appear). One kitten is gray and white, the other is black and white. They are so cute and feisty. It would take me a whole other post to explain the controversy over their names but once settled, the gray one is "Oscar" and the tuxedo one is "Beethoven". The kids just love them and they are adjusting well to their new home.
After getting the kittens, my boys had visitors. Grayson and Ian English came for a visit. They had so much fun and you wouldn't even know that it had been nearly two years since they had seen each other, well as least for Grayson. Ian came out last year for his birthday. I lived on major caffeine that week. They would go to bed at 1 or 2 am and be awake between 6-7 am. It was like pure energy! It was great to see them and spend time with them, we miss them so much.
Then came time for school. Ronnie and I decided to have Myles and Elle go to public school this year and quite possibly next year. Ashley will join them next year. This was a grueling decision for me since I had only home-schooled them. But we both felt they needed a bit of structure in their life, and with me being back in school, we felt it would be best for them for now. They go to Pleasant Grove Elementary, which is a wonderful school with great teachers. They have friends there that they go to church with, so it has made it easier for them to adjust. They are doing well, but the first week was very interesting. Elle did marvelous, Miss Social Butterfly, loved every minute of it. She came home and sat Ashley down at a desk, got the chalkboard, and began to imitate her teacher. In the process of "playing school" she taught her sister how to spell her name. Myles, on the other hand, thought he was going to die. The first day of school he feigned every illness possible. First, he was nauseated, then he had a head cold with a horrible headache, then he actually acted like he couldn't breathe. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. I finally got out of the house and to the school. We walk onto the campus and Elle is practically running to her class, she gets there, poses for her picture, all smiles, and says "bye Mommy", like you can go now I'm good, don't need you anymore. I turn around and Myles is about 20 feet behind us walking like a turtle dragging his backpack on the ground, head down, pouting. I got him to his class, took a picture with his pained little smile, told him he will be alright and took him into his class. His teacher met us there and I sneaked out. Everyday that first week, there was a new illness, a new reason not to go to school. Thursday morning he informed Ronnie and I that school is a torcher(sp?)chamber and the teachers change when the parents aren't there. Like they grow horns and are so mean. So needless to say the first week of school was like riding a roller coaster. But we made it through and he actually likes it, for the most part, now. Levi is still homeschooling, I have two classes this semester (English and Math), and while we are working on our school work Ashley is destroying my house:)

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