Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good-bye Clayton :(

Today I am watching Clayton pack up his truck, as well as his dad's, to move to his new home. Although this is wonderful for him, I am having a hard time, and I am even a little weepy. He has been staying there since he arrived home from Arkansas this last time, but most of his belongings were here. So I kinda felt like it wasn't final. Sarah and Clayton have an adorable house in Galt. She still stays at home, so he has been staying there and working on it. They tie the knot in less than two weeks. All this is fine and good and I am so happy for them, I am still sad and felt like blogging about it.
Clayton came to live with us almost three years ago. It has been such a blessing for my kids and I to have him here. I'm sure this transition is going to be hard on them as well, when they stop playing long enough to realize it. Kids are resilient though and bounce through situations like this with ease. He has been some what of a big brother to them. They respect him and love him. He is my cousin by birth but like a son by choice. I am sure sometimes he wasn't too trilled with my mothering, but he never said anything except to thank me. I think even Ronnie will be sad to lose his "son."
But it is not the end, Thank God! He still goes to the same church, lives only 15 minutes away, and we will be able to see him and his bride often. So I will think on the positive and be happy for them. I will also be sure to let Stacie know his room is available. :)

My oldest and my youngest!


Janell said...

Aww this is sweet, Kim! Well, you guys will still be close. Just pretend you're gaining a "daughter." (hahahaha!!) Just kidding. I think it's awesome to have such a close cousin relationship like that--family is so important!
Good thing Galt isn't far away! ;)

Kim said...

Janell, you are right, family is important. And you realize that more when you aren't able to live close to them. Clayton is the only family on my side that lives in Cali, so I tend to be a little selfish with him :)You are also right about Sarah, my family is just getting bigger!