Friday, June 19, 2009

So Sorry....

I have abandoned my blog for quite some time now and I apologize. I apologize to the faithful followers (is there about 3 now?) for not updating you on my crazy yet wonderful life! Since I last posted we finished baseball season, (taking second place), I have a new little niece named Kaleigh Louise Carlson, Elle performed her second piano recital, Ashley graduated from preschool, Levi is getting ready to perform in our MIFK production as Shem (one of Noah's sons) in "Captain Noah and the One and Only Zoo Cruise for Twos", my parents actually get to be here for it (they are on their way right now!), Myles finally got a bike so now he can quite stealing his brother's or Sharadyn's bike, we no longer have a dog, we have a new fish bringing the total to two betas, we are going to get two kittens, we leave for Oregon on Sunday, there are many other things but lastly Levi and Myles will have a birthday on the 25th. Levi is entering the double digits, coming in at 10 years old! Myles is following at 8 years where does time go? So we will be celebrating up in Oregon by taking the boys to the aviation museum and space center in McMinnville, Or. This museum houses Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose", the wooden airplane. It will be a great trip!
First picture is of my niece Kaleigh, the second is Myles and his buddy Booker, the last is Levi with Bishop Wilson (his hero!)

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Danielle said...

First let me start by saying WOW you had a lot to say.:) Levi in double digits (snif snif snif) it doesn't seem that long ago that I was meeting him for the first time and he was only 2 1/2 and now 10 and the rest of the kids are not far behind. SAD SAD SAD, Happy sad. Second, I just have to say that your niece is absolutely adorable, your brother and sis in law to make some cute babies. :P. Well I can't wait till you guys get up here to the big OC and we go to the aviation museum. Love you.