Sunday, March 8, 2009

No Limits!

No Limits is over and what a time we had. This week has flown by so fast but it has been awesome. I am looking forward to next year. I just want to say The Rock Church has the best of the best, the cream of the crop, bar none!!! From ministry to every saint that worked together to make this possible. You are awesome!!! Oh and by the way, the coffee shop and bookstore is fantastical!!! I love it!


Jessica N. said...

Yes, we do have the best! I know this to be true because of all the faithful workers who stood by my side LATE into the evening!!! Thank you for all your help!

Janell said...

I cannot WAIT to see the coffee shop and book store! Dying of curiosity!! =D Love you, miss you, we'll be there soon!

Graceful Threads said...

Thanks for leaving the kind comment on my blog! You made my day. It looks like we have alot in common, I too have 4 kiddos. A few people from my church attended No Limits. I listened to some of the messages on line. It does indeed sound like an awesome conference. Come *see* me soon!